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Japan’s Adaption to the Climate Change – Innovative Technology Providing Relief

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According to a report by AFP, 53 people have passed away due to heatstroke, and almost 50,000 needed emergency medical attention in Japan. 

Japan is known for always being innovative and being ahead of the world in technology and other industries. To tackle this problem of heatstroke due to climate change, they have adapted to this change by innovating a new product for themselves. This July, japan faced the warmest summer and has been raising concerns about heat-related illnesses and fatalities. 

Workman has introduced a time adapting innovation. They usually make products for construction workers. The company launched its product- a Jacket fitted with a fan. The jackets consisting of two electric, rechargeable palm-sized fans in the back, which draw in air and deliver a refreshing breeze to the wearer’s body at varying speeds. 

These jackets have become popular in the nation, with prices ranging from 12,000 to 24,000 yen ($82-164)

MI Creations, another company offers neck-cooling tubes containing cooling gel, which, after a 20-minute stint in the fridge, can provide relief for up to an hour when worn around the neck. The tube costs up to 2500 Yen.

Liberta, another Tokyo-based company, introduced a range of clothing, including T-shirts and arm sleeves, designed to provide a cooling sensation. This product is made out of xylitol, which reacts with water and sweat to create a cool feeling on the skin. 

Japan has been always adapting to the changes around them, and this time they have done it again, with climate change. Their innovations inspire the world to adapt to changes while trying to restore the original state.

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