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India Showcases Educational Excellence at NAFSA 2024

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Fostering Global Collaboration

The 76th NAFSA 2024 Conference & Expo in New Orleans, Louisiana, was a significant event in the academic calendar, marking a notable presence from India. With over 40 major academic institutes participating, both public and private, this event was one of the largest showcases of Indian education on the global stage. The conference, held from May 28-31, drew together 10,000 delegates from over 110 countries, highlighting the theme “Resilience. Renewal. Community.” This theme underscores the collective effort to foster resilience post-pandemic, renew educational frameworks, and build robust local and global communities.

Consul General of India in Houston, DC Manjunath, inaugurated two significant pavilions, the Study in India pavilion and the India Pavilion. These exhibits were not only a display of India’s educational offerings but also a platform for increasing international collaboration, particularly between India and the United States. The Study in India pavilion, managed by Educational Consultants India Limited under the Union Ministry of Education, featured a combination of prestigious public higher education institutions and important initiatives like the National Book Trust.

Enhancing Educational Partnerships and Opportunities

The conference was also a venue for substantive dialogues and networking, where attendees explored diverse academic opportunities and discussed cooperative ventures in education between India and the US. The India Pavilion, represented by leaders such as Prof Rajive Kumar and Dr Prashant Bhalla, showcased 28 reputable private higher education institutes, emphasising India’s burgeoning role as a global education hub.

These pavilions reflected India’s strategic efforts to position itself as a destination for higher education, excelling in areas like data science and cybersecurity. Manjunath highlighted the robust nature of the Indian education system and its high-quality research facilities, which are increasingly attracting international students. Furthermore, the conference facilitated the signing of multiple Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) with institutions from the US, Europe, Canada, and Japan, focusing on mutual academic collaborations in STEM and management programs.

Additionally, an event titled “India’s Higher Education Partnership & Dialogue” was organised on the sidelines to discuss India’s economic growth, educational system developments under the new National Education Policy 2020, and new opportunities in universities, further emphasising the empowerment of women in education.

NAFSA 2024 served as a pivotal platform for promoting cross-cultural exchanges and reinforcing India’s commitment to becoming a global education leader, thereby enriching the educational experiences and global perspectives of both Indian and international academic communities.

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