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iOS 18 Planning to Borrow One Major Feature from Humane AI Pin

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Everyone who uses Apple is now restlessly waiting for the arrival of iOS 18 which is the latest update to the operating system powering iPhones and iPads. 

Apple was being a little secretive about the iOS 18 which is the latest OS update expected to get a host of AI features. This is impressive because it will come with a lot of new features and the best of all would be the text summarisation feature which was heavily influenced by the AI pin which was designed to streamline communication and information consumption for users. 

It has been revealed that iOS 18 will have a text summarisation feature which will leverage Apple’s advanced artificial intelligence technology. This feature was made to simplify the reading experience by shortening huge texts and making them into concise summaries to save time. This is very similar to the functionality which was offered by the Humane AI pin.

iOS 18’s text summarisation is said to employ sophisticated AI algorithms in order to identify key information within texts which includes the names of the individuals, companies as well as certain locations. The intelligent parsing of content focuses on the improved comprehension and efficiency for users who are navigating through extensive messages. 

This feature however, is not just restricted to text messages, they are expected to seamlessly integrate with Safari and Messages which will help users to summarise content from various platforms and sources like webpages and digital documents.

This new feature was subtly introduced earlier this year when tech enthusiasts found out the new framework dubbed “SiriSummarization” in the iOS 17.4 code. Furthermore, the “Safari Browsing Assistant” feature suggests an approach to information management which is mirroring the capabilities offered by Human AI pin. 

As the official launch date of the iOS 18 is getting closer, people are getting more and more restless with every passing moment to know what this new feature can do. With another new convenience feature, Apple has shown that they are focusing on improving the user experience by also keeping privacy a priority.

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