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Cutting-Edge, Digital Age: Whatsapp’s Newly Launched Passkeys on iOS

by admin

January 31’24

Whatsapp is set out to launch the passkey handwagon, to blend in with PayPal, Uber as well as Tiktok. Iphone users will now enjoy the perks of verifying their accounts without the need to using their everyday 6-digit OTP code, as passkeys are making a grand entry which utilize biometric or facial recognition as a method of authentication. 

The reason why this innovation is impressive, is because they grant prompt results as well as makes a user’s tasks hassle-free. A user has to no longer wait for a code to be sent via messages or emails which sometimes is considered as a tussle. Along with this being convenient and swift, it is more secure. There are no possibilities of stealing or leaking any personal and confidential information of a user. As you don’t need to share your number during this process, one does not have to worry about their privacy.

Passkeys have been a great help to Androids and are planning on getting an entrance in iOS as well. According to the latest news, Whatsapp is planning on creating an individual section for users to create their own passkeys for convenience and privacy. 

In order to do so, one needs to follow certain steps like:

  1. Open Whatsapp
  2. Click on the profile picture 
  3. Go to the settings and then tap on passkeys
  4. You will then get on-screen instructions which you can follow

This remarkable technology has the very intention of providing a user with a handy tool where they can effortlessly login to any device by just using Face ID, Touch ID or even their device passcode! One can finally say goodbye to the fretful 6-digit codes. 

Although this is still under process and might need some more tests before one can savor this tool for the best outcome. Keep checking for some dynamic and fresh updates on Whatsapp!

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